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Idit Arad
Professional singing teacher & opera singer (AGSM Diploma)

Singing Lessons
I have grown up with a music teaching parent, and have been teaching singing for the last 24 years, in Paris, London and Madrid. I always start with a one hour initial consultation, as I find it gives both me and the student a chance to assess the level and needs of each individual.
Lessons take place in North London and are an hour long, sometimes a little longer. Please contact me for pricing. I tailor my classes to suit singers of any level, genre and style. My aim is to provide each student with the individual attention and care that will allow for the development of a solid technique, the understanding of breath control, sound projection, and facilitate a natural connection between the voice and music making. To achieve that I structure each person a set of a personal exercises and offer repertoire that will meet with each singer’s personal vocal needs.
Depending on a student's level, I will concentrate on the different elements of breath control and projection, repertoire building, and help each one to the best of my ability, to acquire the necessary confidence and knowledge to advance and enjoy their singing.
In terms of the frequency of classes- well, the necessary number of classes to suit the individual needs of each student will be determined in the consultation. It is not easy to determine for how long should someone take singing lessons, but it is safe to say learning to sing is a process which takes time. One can have singing lessons from one lesson to 40 years of lessons, in other words for as long as any singer wishes. However, as with any other physical discipline, to take singing lessons for less than 3 months once a week would be ineffective to understanding one's own voice.
Professional singers who wish to keep in shape take singing for the whole length of their career . For example, Kiri Te Kanawa took lessons with Vera Rozsa for 50 years (basically, from the day they met till sadly Ms. Rozsa was unable to teach any more).The reason is the same as why tennis players always have a coach. The human body is in constant change, and many different life situations affect it, and so developing it to be used as a musical instrument is a constant process. As mentioned above, a singer can never really see or hear himself when singing. No video recording works in the same way as the acoustic experience. And no human being is objective when listening to him/herself. And so, it goes without saying that the advice of an impartial pair of trustworthy ears is invaluable to anyone who wants to have a solid, professionally capable voice.
My own inspiration for teaching comes for my teacher of almost 20 years, the renowned professor Vera Rozsa OBE, teacher of such singers as Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, Sarah Walker, Ann Sophie Von-Otter, Enid Hartle, Dorathea Roschman, Tom Krause, Sir Thomas Allan, and Karita Mattila amongst many others.
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“Idit Arad changed my life. She was the first person who was able to recognize my talent for what it was and also the first person who knew what to do with it. She opened up the door to a whole new way of singing for me. A way of singing that was easier, fuller, more efficient, and more beautiful. She emphasizes learning breath support and learning how to ALLOW a sound to happen through proper breath support and body alignment rather than CREATING one by pushing or placing it. Great voice teachers are becoming a rare find these days everywhere in the world. Idit Arad is one of those very few. She has a gift for identifying what a voice needs, what a voice is becoming, and knows how to achieve it.”
Patrick Guetti - Bass
Grand prize winner of the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions in
2014, Has performed with with the Lyric Opera of Chicago’s Ryan Opera 
Center, Dallas Opera Philadelphia and Santa Fe Opera amongst others.
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